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Authentic poses, natural light & earthy tones are my thing.

Organic Wedding & Elopement Photography In Australia’s South West

My approach to wedding photography will adapt to suit the style and energy of each individual couple, but some aspects of my approach and personal style always remain consistent. I love to incorporate earthy tones and cinematic vibes into my work, and I always try to capture my couples at their most natural and authentic moments. Candid wedding photos are my priority. 

I also bring a relaxed energy to a day that can sometimes be full of nerves. I want my clients to have a stress-free experience and feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. That way, the photos you end up with feel organic and natural – just you and your significant other being yourselves without having to sweat the small details.

I provide full creative direction during your portraits, so you don’t have to worry about how to pose if you need some expert suggestions. I choose unique poses that fit the vibe and energy of each specific couple to ensure that I tell you’re one-of-a-kind story in a one-of-a-kind way so it’s important that I get to know you.

Romantic Wedding Photos

From the initial booking to the moment you receive your finished photos, I’ll be your go-to resource for all things photo-related for the entire process. There’s no faceless editing company overseas or robotic AI sorting through your images. You get my personal attention from start to finish. 

Eternalise Your Story

Getting married is an unforgettable event, but there’s nothing like a photograph to preserve all the little details and fleeting moments for a lifetime. Through photography, you can retell the story of your wedding day just as you experienced it.

Put your phone camera down and let me take care of capturing your wedding day. You can focus on celebrating while I create an archive for this moment of time. Afterward, you’ll have a gallery of photos that capture every moment in an elegant, timeless style that you’ll be able to look back on for the rest of your lives.

Your wedding day is one day where the people closest to you gather to celebrate the love that you share. A day like that is worth immortalising from beginning to end.

Learn more about my wedding photography packages below — what’s included, what you can expect from me, and extra add-ons:

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These are a few brief stories from a small selection of weddings I've done lately.

"Picking a wedding photographer can be pretty daunting. Especially for those wanting their day to be a little less formal and slightly unconventional. We didn't want to feel that we were the focus the whole time or that we were a part of a choreographed photo shoot. Instead we were after natural shots of us and our loved ones celebrating our relationship and everything that bought us to this moment. Taj captured these beautiful memories of love and laughter so perfectly and we could not be happier."

- Taylor & Eliot
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Busselton Wedding

"Taj captured beautiful memories of love and laughter so perfectly and we could not be happier. We could not recommend him more for his ability to assess what we wanted and encapsulate that in the final images. He went above and beyond to achieve the perfect shot and made us feel comfortable and confident in leaving it all in his good hands. Thank you for capturing so many memories of our dream day" - Taylor & Eliot

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