Sheesh. that weather forecast is not looking good

In the Southwest we’re usually blessed with predictability beautiful weather for the festive season.

However, even in the summer we can be hit with rain storms, and if you’re getting married in winter the Margaret river region can be a washout. Don't let rain kill your vibe. Here are some tips on what to do if its forecast to rain: 

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1. Don't Stress - Have a Backup Plan

Take some weight off your shoulders by having a backup plan in case of rain. Make sure your venue has an indoor option or a covered area, and consider renting a tent or marquee if needed.

It's not just about the ceremony - plan for your photos, reception, and family shots too. Talk to your photographer ahead of time to explore rainy day portrait locations - they'll have some great ideas!

Here's some advice from Venue Manager Sue-Ellen from Edith Valley:

"My motto is – plan for rain and then at least you won’t be too stressed if it does actually rain on your wedding day, because you will already be prepared! I always tell my clients to think about a wet weather backup plan regardless of what time of year they are getting married as the weather is the one thing that no one can guarantee, nor is it something that anyone can control.

At Edith Valley we have a lovely wide veranda that is the perfect space for a wet weather wedding ceremony, or if the weather is really terrible then we would set-up the ceremony indoors."

Checkout Edith Valley for more info.

2. Stay Dry in Style - Buy Clear Umbrellas

If it does look like it’s going to be a rainy day, buy or rent some clear umbrellas for you and your wedding party. Make sure they are clear so the light still hits your face. Remember you can always return unused umbrellas if it doesn't rain.

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3. Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Don't forget about your guests - they'll be affected by the rain too. Make sure there are umbrellas available for everyone. If you're having an outdoor ceremony, consider providing blankets or heaters to keep them cozy. Their comfort and happiness matter, rain or shine.

More from Sue-Ellen:

"At Edith Valley we have a stunning custom built fire place that is perfect for keeping your guest cozy indoors. We also provide outdoor heaters for the veranda.

The evenings do get rather chilly in the southwest so we suggest that clients consider purchasing blankets that can be placed around the venue for guests to use as needed."

Checkout Edith Valley for more info

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4. More time for portraits 

Often there will be a window of time between rain showers to make it outside for some portraits so give yourself a bit more time. Maybe some portraits need to be done inside near the window or on a verandah — but as soon as the rain stops, you and your wedding party can duck outside for some natural photos. 

Wedding timelines can be very tight, but I highly recommend adding a bit of buffer time into your day to allow us to get some good photos and for you to relax.


Finally, although you may not have envisioned rain on your wedding day, it can actually add a bit of magic to your photos. Embrace the rain and use it to your advantage – grab some umbrellas or rain boots and take some unique photos. The rain can create a cozy, romantic atmosphere, especially if you're getting married during the winter months.

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